Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Colors in m Head

So, I am sitting here.
In the midst of absolute nothingness.
Just sitting here.
The feeling, however, is engulfing me. Trying oh so hard to complete me.
But I am left blank. Staring into oblivion.

Now my hand rises. Voluntarily, involuntarily; it doesn't matter. It rises to the beat of the symphony. There's a background score. The music stops. My hand grabs my dream. It is wrappeed in gift paper. I start untying the nots. My veins pop out.It goes popety pop-pop. I don't know what to do. So, I continue untying. There's still no music. I untie it the whole way.There is a small blue circular object polka dotted by brown; inside. It's very small. Very thin. Very.

I bring my left most finger near it, hoping it won't burst. A grin appears on my face, my heart starts beating faster. Every minute, it skips a beat. But it felt extremely fast eitherway. Anyway, so my heart's skipping a beat, my hand's approaching the blue-brown thing, my mouth is opening wider with each movement of my limb. The tension is building. There's still no music, however. The tension is building. There's still no music, however. The tensions's building again. My heart beat's racing. I am touching it.

I touched it.
The music came back for a second.
Then it stopped.
The bluebrown vanished. It went 'clasp!' in my hand.
My idea vanished.
The dream went to the shit-hole.
I felt wastet yet again.
I had gotten up by now.
I sat down again.
Looked at the space in front of me and stared into oblivion, yet again.

Inspiration, I wish it would strike soon. =)