Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Everyday Story

A wanderer has awoken,
Speaketh in tongues unknown
Through the mystery of his shroud.

Clouded by thunder, his eyes
In search of her.
Bolt in hand,
Hair un-tightening to the air.

The lover's bogle awoke him
And now, she's in hiding.
Laughing, glinty treacherous eyes,
Under, now, the moonlit sky.

He, unknown, roams the length of Earth
Calling, pleading, unaccustomed
To the ways of this new turf.

She; she is in hiding,
Playing her dog to his bone
Her smile, unaware of her lover's lust.

Zeus, thus awoke,
A pain now runs through him.
Unable to stroke the thigh
Of his beloved Aphrodite's call.

Sitting down he howls unheard.
For these are the sounds making the rounds;
While two lovers sleep,
Alone and in despair.