Monday, February 23, 2009


Speak your mind
And seal those eyes
Don't look around
Just take a peak inside
There is a human heart
Somewhere , somehow
See it? You'll find it
Just take a look around
It hides the truth
Bitter or good.

See the veins
No, they aren't just blue blooded stains
They speak of the minutes I have lived
With some form of expression on my face

Look at the heart
Yes, look at it.
Just as it thumps
And just as it
Takes the life out of me.

Friday, February 20, 2009


You don't know what you are talking about
You are just fooling around
Open them eyes
Look outside
See the world and see the sky
Look in the mirror
And look at yourself
Point out the differences
Can you even tell?
Stop searching within
You won't find it
Don't snigger, you know-it-all
Its not long before you'll fall
Thud will be the sound
When you'll finally hit the ground
And you think you will rise
Oh, but when will stop living in lies?
Come on, look beyond those eyes
Can't you see the world standing by?
Oblivious and un-noted
You walk right into darkness
And now you are invaded.

Monday, February 9, 2009

So long farewell!

Farewell. That is a word much dreaded, well in ways. By 11th std coz they'd have to work until they would drop and for 12th coz of the many obvious reasons.We have been hearing the following since years... "You will soon step out into the world and will have to face it as it is." And these were the very words that were made fun of in the classroom. Along with mimicking the speaking or walking or the so called lecture giving styles of Sukhpal Sir or Bala Ma'am or Poonam Ma'am, Rekha Ma'am, Gurpreet Ma'am, and well nearly the entire staff! But then we have a lot to be thankful for. And a lot to be appreciative of. I know it doesn't always show; maybe it has never shown but somewhere deep down each of us and I mean every single one of us has taken away something from here. It could well just be the Moral values that Gill Ma'am or Poonam Ma'am or Sahi Ma'am and of course Sis Tara have tried to imbibe in us, or it could be the discipline we once promised Rekha Ma'am we'd keep for our lives and the very discipline that Meena Ma'am screams for, or it could be the self confidence Sahi Ma'am kept pointing us to, or maybe the fact that we are Satyanashis in Bala ma'ams words, or it could be the fact that "jero" was an invention and a discovery made in CJM Ambala, or it could be the General Knowledge and yes the mental maths classes that Gill Ma'am mugged us with, or it could be the umpteen songs we have hummed along with Sahi Ma'am, Melissa Ma'am and of course the very few ones with Sister!

Well for me its been a journey of 10 years. Years that were faced with the widest smiles, years that were faced with tears, and years that were faced with a straight face with a look of determination in the eye. In these 10 years I have learnt to say Good Morning, the national anthem, the many carols, the UK (or is it US?) English, the "please"s and the "sorry"s and the "thank you"s. And in these years I have been me. The school trips (how about one last one sister?), the preparations for Teacher's Day, the ruckus and the quiet, the sleep inducing lectures, the bring-me-to-life upright and sometimes unheeded moral lectures, the spats between friends; the laugh till u actually roll on the floor laughing, the many sleepy I-don't-wanna-get-up mornings, the pranks as small or as large as they could be, the recent but definitely the raving powerpoint presentations, the reflection time after seeing 'em presentations, the time spent in the canteen to get that one packet of Oyes! , the times (many times) we have been caught half asleep in classes, the "you-are-young-ladies-act-like-one" dialogues and most of all a school brimming with girls and no guys in their white summer uniform marching towards whatever it is they are marching towards! And for all this I'm thankful to each and every teacher here or elsewhere, who might have spared even a single moment for us, thankful to all the sisters for all the undefinable things they have done for us, thankful to Sitaram Bhaiya, Sanjay Bhaiya, Carpenter Bhaiya, Hema Aunty and of course all the ones I might just have missed, thankful to all the classes for the n number of times they have challenged us as a class, thankful to my so called "kiddo" friends and thankful to my own class! Lets remember and be in touch!

And now with may sound repetitive but what is true, a heavy heart and that sparkling tear I'll end this with the word I started it with; So long Farewell!

Monday, February 2, 2009

How about Tonight?

How about tonight?
To feel a little less lost
And to feel more cozy in the frost?

How about tonight?
To see the sadness disappear
And to see no fear?

How about tonight?
To sense the shadow
And to sense the not-so-hollow?

How about tonight?
To walk into the open
And to walk right to the moon?

How about tonight?
To hold yourself close
And let go of all your foes?

How about tonight?
To let the tear fall
And let the heart beat on?

How about tonight?
And how about now?


Ever been what u want to?
Ever felt what u needn't need to?
Ever smiled to satisfy someone's misery?
Ever tested a tested way before?
Ever smelt the bleakness?
Ever cried to think of the distance?
Ever tried to speak volumes with just one sentence?
Ever made up a strory for a smile?
Ever hung around for one night?
Ever tried to calm the sails without a fight?
Ever thought of a day without light?
Ever cringed in the face of an aura?
Ever thought about that warm sauna?
Ever looked back and found someone missing?
Ever found yourself gayily singing?
Ever saw yourself through another's eye?
Ever penetrated way within?
And I ll ask u once again ;
Ever been what u want to?