Wednesday, October 1, 2008


A dream so big it was to hold on
A life so small it was easy to let go
A feelimg so funny it didn't make you laugh no more
A smile so white it didn'y dazzle the pearls pearls
A world so cocooned that it didn't matter anymore

I lived a life, a life that wore on
Never did i know it wasn't meant to be this easily forgone
Its easy to sit and say words that preach
But to follow them has somehow always been out of my reach
Learning the pace of human thoughts
I lived my life, struggling to say
Things as they should have been ought

For i dreamt of a dream too big to hold on to
And a life so small that it was easy to let go
With a feeling so funny I couldn't laugh at it no more
And a smile so smoky it couldn't even be called pearly anymore
I lived my life and I lived it in a cocoon.

I Cried

A single hello that made me go bust
That cold smile that slowly turned me to rust
It always had been about the trust
But never was there a glint of a must.

I cried when you blamed it on me
I cried when you said just let it be
I cried when I knew it was my fault
I cried when it was all buried in a halt.

That shoulder to cry on is gone
That lap of craziness all forlorn
A word that cost me a soul
If not mine then of the one.

Yes I cried when you tried to shake it away
I cried when you made it clear that you don't care
And I cried at the indication of an end
Of a friendship that I thought would last until it did end.