Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Cried

A single hello that made me go bust
That cold smile that slowly turned me to rust
It always had been about the trust
But never was there a glint of a must.

I cried when you blamed it on me
I cried when you said just let it be
I cried when I knew it was my fault
I cried when it was all buried in a halt.

That shoulder to cry on is gone
That lap of craziness all forlorn
A word that cost me a soul
If not mine then of the one.

Yes I cried when you tried to shake it away
I cried when you made it clear that you don't care
And I cried at the indication of an end
Of a friendship that I thought would last until it did end.


Radha said...

Growing up pangs, maybe!

Abhimanyu said...

Heartfelt :)