Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Bday Bhai! >:D<

>:D< (N i begins with a hug :P )
The gangsta who is a happy soul For whom "natunki"ness forms the very bone The "chupp beyy"s and the ">:D<"
While he acts like a complete Malyali stud (not the dict meaning :-s)
Meeting this bhai; even though virtually
Has been a bane of a boon
Btw did u get that u goon?
U can call him the stress buster
But for me he's the one who makes me muster
If not courage then all the things
That could do with or without a duster :O

U have been the strength in times of "pain"
And your jovial ways just wouldn't let me
Feel the hits of even a cane (not literally of course :O )
Nah I can't express it in words
But then u know what the feelings of your "sista" are
U are the bestest bhai anone could hope for
And the hopes extend to a never ending relation of chaotic wars :D
U have seen the many moods
And u have survived 'em too
For that I can't applause (actually won't :P )
Because what I would clap me hands for together for
Would be the fact that u made it possible for me
To survive 'em too!

Your words they aren't just words
For they are souls of another world
These souls, help many take flight
Be it Ruchu, Nital or anyone else in near sight!
Your advices they are also words
So don't expect another para on how much they are worth! :P
There have been times I had wished I could bug u with a call
But then I remembered u'll always be around in some Great Hall!
U've brought me back on track
Whenever (if at all) I did stray
And to say; u weren't involved in making me feel good
Would be lying; well in a way! :D

This thing could possibly extend to another 5-6 pages
But I'm guessing its not all that entertaining
So I'll end in another page (just wait :D)
While I let u know how much I really care!
So bhai, it's your obvious presence I have always cherished
And believe it or not, I have never been so happily nourished ( :O by bhais :O )
For in yahoo, orkut and my life, u shall forever remain the bestest bhai
Your over the top lame jokes
Have made me actually lol
More than u could possibly account them for :P

If I could hug u, I would
If I could kick u, I (definitely) would :D
But if I had the option to leave u
U better know I never would
I know it might sound vague
But I do have one complain
Try to speak your problems too
Even if its just another kiddo facing u
For no other kiddo could care for u
As much as I do
I guess u are already smiling
And I won't ever want that smile to slip away
So keep that smile and that grin (of course)
And go on act like the Malyali stud (**ahem ahem**)
That only u can!
Oh and btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY dearest Bhai!

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