Friday, April 10, 2009


Staring at the wall

A thought passes by

I wonder if it is that easy

Is it that easy to say goodbye?

There is a tear

There is pain

But that is soon laid to rest

With all the memories she did possess

Won’t you say something

Just to make her see

If she remembers

What it feels like to speak?

Drowning in the sorrow of what could be

She doesn’t see the table laid out for tea

Is this how easy it is?

A fake smile and a laugh to defy the odds

While inside she’s all but made of glass

No, she’s not breaking

Not yet. Or she says.

But looking in her eyes

U see she’s not there

No, she’s just

She is just alone

Alone in a room of friends

And all she is doing is

Staring at the wall

But then, she can pretend.


nirvana said...

Took a lawng time coming eh? But, well worth the wait :P

Abhimanyu said...

Amazing! Certainly one your best I've read so far...