Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Wandering Mind

She stared outside
Out of the glass window
Through the tinted glass
She saw only tears
On the reflecting glass
She saw only dewdrops
Of her own stunning face
She smiled to herself
And decidedly
Looked ahead.

Dreaming of what was
And what had been
She stood transfixed
Just as she moved
Only her hands
With tremble in her feet
To oil the dampness
Of her hair
As she stood there still
She smiled to herself
And decidedly
Looked ahead.

I wish I could have seen her
Uneasy and discomforted
Not devoid of human emotions
In the shower
With hot water pouring; purring,
In her silent wake
While she stood there
Thinking of things
Thinking of ways
To escape
When she stood there
She was smiling to herself
And decidedly
Looking ahead,
The Wandering Mind.

1 comment:

moby said...

N when the pangs of love become not so stingy...ppl feel like going home!