Tuesday, April 13, 2010


He stood  there, leaning towards his left.
He stood there, straight. His knee was bent a little, to his left.

He smiled to himself.
He grinned his lopsided grin. Not to anyone in particular, no.

He started talking. After the initial pause, he stammered.
He answered him. Word to word. Question to question. He stammered, because he did.

He asked him nothing.
He answered nothing. He just stared.

He looked at him with a look of want in his eyes.
He looked back at him, his eyebrows perched together.

He took a step back. His left moving first.
He took a step forward. His right, then his left.

He bowed down.
He looked towards the Earth and stooped a little.

They were in it together; him and the mirror.


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moby said...


I'd love to see u write a bit more often...

take care...