Saturday, June 12, 2010


It's time I thought about you. It's been a while now. Some one year, they say.

They'd know best anyway. They did it to us. They climbed up the staircase, they caught us. The buggers. It was my first kiss, you know. I never came around to telling you that, did I? In the boiling passion of that one night we knew each other, we didn't talk too much. Not really, no. It's different now. I can't not talk when I kiss him now. You know, him. He is special. Its like I am living a blurry hallucination. Such a rush. With him, it is. Yes. You know? It's weird though. There's so much of moaning, groaning and sweet talk. But it's all special I guess.

Here's the thing though. These man-whores, they just wont come crawling out now. They won't. They are asleep under my bed, but they just won't come up to the surface and face me. No. While I am lying there, all naked. With him. His arm around me, our fingers entwined. Nothing.

It's strange, really, how they bashed me up the first time. Just when our lips met. Just a kiss, and it was like there was blood all over me. Today, nothing. Not a word. Not a tingling. No fear.
It feels nice though. Yes.

It's real funny.

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