Monday, September 22, 2008

The Lecture

“….understood….huum??,….” N so droned on our very enthusiastic sir to a not so very enthusiastic class…with half the people looking at their watches….while the other half just whiling away time …thinking what they will do when the next lecture creeps up…how in the world will they stand up to another hour of being if not the butt then certainly the “grunter” of all jokes… and then out of no where the teacher in the most weary voice asks the class to shut the hell up n just for once in their life try n understand his darn subject in the politest manner possible … Having seen the brilliant response that the class musters in response to his healthy yet a cent percent waste of his valuable lecture time the teacher decides letting them have their own way is the best possible way in the entire universe…n thus goes back to teaching…n so do the students… back to their main task….just like a coma patient would after receiving a minor shock treatment after lying in coma for 6 months!!

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nirvana said...

Is this chemistry class?