Wednesday, November 12, 2008


A toothy grin that shines as bright as the distant moon
And a smile so wide, its hardly ever out of tune
While the tongue dashes out
Out on a single syllabal
And you are left gazing at
You are left gazing at your friend who is acting like a laughing buffoon
You think of the road you've traveled so far
And how its been pretty different from those fazed wars
Yes there have been the downs
But who can possibly miss the merry go rounds?
The mood swings are never unaccounted for
While the seasons of life blossom with you, right where you are!
That pink top so hated
And those cozy blue jeans, so very faded
A ring in your middle finger
And you show it off as a peace's harbinger
The music that is to be
And the moments where one sings; Let it Be
Fear of the dark and of Voldemort
And the underlying support for all the spoil sports
A veteran in some field or another
Where coolness doesn't really matter
Songs form days which form the nights
And singing them like hooligans seems our right!
The night outs at a friend's place
Acting like wackos in every possible way
Looming thoughts these are
Ones which made me cry
But these tears are of happiness
And there is that sigh!


Vachhi said...

Ah ha!

Akanksha said...

at least leave a nice comment wasim :(

Vachhi said...

Ok Akanksha!
Here goes nothing!



Radha said...

good .. keep up with the goofy grins ..

Prateek said...

This one's amazingly good!

satyamevajayate said...

You write well, Akanksha, with honesty, deep feeling, and humour. The lines I like best:
"To live with the hope of the future
Is to live on a sea of steady water"

Keep it up...

satyamevajayate said...

O, I left my name by mistake! I wanted you to guess who that was