Saturday, November 22, 2008


You ain't understood
By the hoards that surround you
No one complains in person
While words flow out like sermons
They don't tell you whats wrong
For after all
A deep sense of understanding is expected from us all
While living for yourself might not be out
But to thrive off each other is what one devours
A deep sense of regret sometimes engulfs one
Only to be lost somewhere in the distant sun
Get rid of these feelings screams the soul
While you are foul-mouthing your own
Senselessness seemingly overpowers
All the senses and even the heart!
And while you await the return of your mind
Your words might have hurt someone in near sight
Talking it out, thats never been an idea
For acceptance of "it is it" is the general criteria


Radha said...

sense and sensibility ..

Prateek said...

I liked especially the last 6 lines, so true only!

Anonymous said...

Helplessness in a mortified form

I Liked it