Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rot and Clay

The air has a presence today.
It's just time in a vacuum.
World's we couldn't face.
Inhuman and stupid;
Under the spell of the Warlord.
Unable and unwilling,

Commander of the Third Reich in our head,
Was a march,
The Army of the Whispering Stars
Uncaring and unwilling.
Relentless and hopeless,
Unable to hide in their deaths
They marched.

The air has a presence today, they say.
It smells of rot and clay.
I wish the dead would hurry
Mixing astray, for lives would be easier.
Just if we'd sit and peacefully stare.

The world's stooping with the few behind,
The others just stand ahead and lead.
Commanders in their head.
Unable and careless,
They stand, they pretend.
They pretend to lead.

I said, the air has a presence today.
One could only hope for the future's best.
But today, today, it is lowly and smothered,
Like a child adorned on a mother's breast.

The air has a presence today.


Dheer said...

i like that this text is creating a space of its own, your writting / thinking balance is coming closer, i like that the spped of the entire text is also more calm compared to your other ones. you seem to be saying what you see, now it would depend on what you see.

Akanksha Arya said...

Thank you. :)

And well, there's a lot to see. And as always, we miss out on the larger picture all the time. And then it strikes us.

Ayesha said...

It's an interesting piece. Has a flow to it. :)

Akanksha Arya said...

Thank you!
You always say that. I wish you'd elaborate. :)

Brijesh said...

brings back old memories...

Its kind of morbid.. Quite elegantly crafted thought.. Thanks ! :)