Tuesday, November 29, 2011

No Revolution This

This is not a Bloody Revolution.
That's what this is not. Our words, our pens, our swords, our paint, our typefaces, our weed, our cigarettes, our wisdom. It's not a bloody revolution.
It is just a way of being. Of defending. Of living. Of being. Of letting be. Of just what we need.

The world is not ending in 2012. It's not ending anytime soon. The apocalypse is long gone. It's long past. Long felt.
We are the result.
Our machines are the result.
Our diluted intellect is a result.
Our heightened senses is a result.
The world we built is a result.

It is all together yet apart. It is in confusion. It is in a constant struggle. It is at peace with it itself.
Let it be.

That is what we are.
A conversation.
Words. Pens. Swords. Paints. Typefaces. Weed. Cigarettes.

It is not a bloody revolution.

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