Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Tuition Class

Wondering whether any other of the 70 plus students cramped in this 5 x 5 sq. metre classroom were feeling, if not more then equally dizzy, Akanksha decided, it was high time someone did something, and she went ahead and took the initiative.Then and there she dropped; following the path of a trajectory; her pen's cap.Disappointed that she couldn't start a cap falling revolution she for the better part of her class decided to concentrate; if not on the subject tenderly termed as physics then on how well versed was she in cursing what could certainly have been called a great teacher with an aging hairline. The class did end even though the sleepiness current induced wheezingly well through most didn't.

And then there he was again; asking a doubt. "Man this guy doesn't sleep or what?" asked Gurbani. And pat came the automated reply, "Dejected souls hardly rest in peace.", and pat came the offended staring, bewildered yet ready to slap glance and pat Akanksha, the higly skilled loud and extremely sarcastic orator, was left in a whirlwind of emotions, primarily comprising of a grin.

Then their eyes met. One with a lopsided grin, the other with a feeling of an untentative , involuntary action which could have been appropriately termed as kicking. Having exchanged such pleasantries it was time that these lasses head out through the door. But not like the other wild homo-sapiens, who acted as if they were the drivers of the hit and run case that just happened to take place in front of the police's eyes.No , they were certainly more dignified than that, they'd just rush out as if its the emergency exit needed to escape the fire.


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ur not crazy...ur different..! :)