Monday, February 2, 2009


Ever been what u want to?
Ever felt what u needn't need to?
Ever smiled to satisfy someone's misery?
Ever tested a tested way before?
Ever smelt the bleakness?
Ever cried to think of the distance?
Ever tried to speak volumes with just one sentence?
Ever made up a strory for a smile?
Ever hung around for one night?
Ever tried to calm the sails without a fight?
Ever thought of a day without light?
Ever cringed in the face of an aura?
Ever thought about that warm sauna?
Ever looked back and found someone missing?
Ever found yourself gayily singing?
Ever saw yourself through another's eye?
Ever penetrated way within?
And I ll ask u once again ;
Ever been what u want to?


Dheer said...

i like :)

Abhimanyu said...

I like it :) But you can polish it a've tried a little too hard to rhyme this one.