Friday, February 20, 2009


You don't know what you are talking about
You are just fooling around
Open them eyes
Look outside
See the world and see the sky
Look in the mirror
And look at yourself
Point out the differences
Can you even tell?
Stop searching within
You won't find it
Don't snigger, you know-it-all
Its not long before you'll fall
Thud will be the sound
When you'll finally hit the ground
And you think you will rise
Oh, but when will stop living in lies?
Come on, look beyond those eyes
Can't you see the world standing by?
Oblivious and un-noted
You walk right into darkness
And now you are invaded.


nirvana said...

This scares me a little. Its so dark n damning!
But it kind of attracts also :D

Abhimanyu said...

Whoa! Your poem gives me the shivers! You will remain cynical :P