Monday, February 23, 2009


Speak your mind
And seal those eyes
Don't look around
Just take a peak inside
There is a human heart
Somewhere , somehow
See it? You'll find it
Just take a look around
It hides the truth
Bitter or good.

See the veins
No, they aren't just blue blooded stains
They speak of the minutes I have lived
With some form of expression on my face

Look at the heart
Yes, look at it.
Just as it thumps
And just as it
Takes the life out of me.


Prateek said...

I never knew that even picking body parts as the theme, you can write a poem. xD

Nicely written. :)

Btw, you could have added something about eyes too. :P

Akanksha said...

Anything can form anything ;)
And eyes and mirror
Neeche wali poem :D

nirvana said...

Nice n thought provoking like always...

Anonymous said...!.!.