Monday, July 20, 2009


With a look of oblivious faith,
She smiled
The lies are hidden
Not so deep within.
The tears are unkempt
In her darkest dreams.

With a look of obliviousness
She smiled at me
The hidden lies are out
While the tears are hurriedly buried.

She talks of some lively moments
And after the following silence
She laughs without a sign of despair
Abusing him, she says she is okay
While her eyes dance
A different love story

A goodnight and a hug
Her language reads
With a 'talk to me',
I am politely asked to leave
Walking out of the door
I turn to see
A tear finally rolling down her cheek
Streaking her identity.


nirvana said...

You are obviously not the one who is narrating the poem right? You are the girl...maybe :-??

Beautifully written anyway >:D<

Abhimanyu said...

Yes, I see glimpses of you in this poem. I'll encourage you to write more of this kind of poetry.

Shiv said...

Interesting how the most bizarre of poems of yours can end up having a 'plot' so to speak. But I liked this because I felt the "I" could be so many different people, rather than just a lover. It's interesting to re-read the poem with different relationships in mind...

At the same time though, I'd like it if you had some sort of structure, seriously. You sort of lose some meaning(and audience?) by being so inaccessible on a structural level. Just a thought... In fact, the opposite may also be true: the lack of structure could actually ADD meaning too. so, there...