Monday, October 3, 2011

In the arms of the angel,
They will carry you.
In the arms of this angel,
You will meet your end.

But fret not, little child,
Let the tears dry
And the hope awaken.
Fret not, little child,
She will carry you forward.

A Revolution, they say?
In the arms of another
We will suffer.
With the arms of others
We will penetrate.

This child, but, let it be gone
It's only cried to your sounds
Only laughed with all the smoke.
Carry it, my angel.
Another will come, to save us,

Inspired by: Turtle Can Fly


Ayesha said...

What exactly is this in context of?

Akanksha Arya said...

A movie; I suggest you watch it. You will get what I mean. :)

Abhimanyu said...

Well-written. The emotions are in check and yet portray the feel. Somehow reminded me of this poem I had written a long time back -

I like the poem. :)